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Mission Statement

The 2007 Fox Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan is a long-term (3-5 year) plan to guide aquatic plant management activities. The purposes of the 2007 Fox Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan are to promote a healthy and diverse aquatic plant community, facilitate recreational lake use, and educate local residents on the benefits of maintaining a healthy aquatic plant community. This includes the challenges of managing a shallow eutrophic lake and maintaining a clear water macrophyte dominated state (versus turbid algal dominated state), maintaining habitat areas for fish, wildlife, and zooplankton, and developing strategies to address the management of Coontail and EWM. Recreational use concerns must address an overabundance of plants in many shallow areas of the lake, algae blooms, and weeds being washed to shorelines that may require management to facilitate access for many lake residents.

Goal Statement

The purpose of the 2007 Fox Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan focuses on balancing the ecological needs of the lake and the recreational uses of the district residents. This requires careful maintenance of existing aquatic plants and carefully planned selective aquatic plant management.

The goals of the interim aquatic plant management plan are:

  • Maintain and promote the clear water state
  • Protect and promote the existing native aquatic plant community, fish, and wildlife
  • Educate district residents about the importance of aquatic plants
  • Receive public input and opinions for acceptable plant management options
  • Facilitate access to deep water areas and recreational uses.