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The Fox Lake Inland Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District is dedicated to Fox Lake’s water quality, managing the Fox Lake Wastewater Collection, and is a partner in the Fox Lake Wastewater Control Commission. In addition, FLILPARD is a member of the Healthy Soil Healthy Lakes, the Dodge County Lakes Group, and the Healthy Soils initiative.




Did you think this last summer had fewer weeds? Depending where you live on the lake, you may be right. The Fox Lake 2017-18 Aquatic Plant Surveys are now available. Click on the title to view.

Know BEFORE You Fertilize Your Lawn on the Lake

BEFORE applying fertilizer to your lawn, do a soil test through Dodge County’s UW-Extension. Learn what nutrients your lawn needs BEFORE APPLYING fertilizers. Click on the above title for additional materials.

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We encourage all those residing in the FLILPARD watershed to stay updated on news that affect Fox Lake and its watershed. Stay connected by receiving our FLILPARD e-news.