Aquatic Plant Committee

The following individuals serve as an advisory group to Dr. Neal O'Reilly and the FLILPARD Board. The advisory group works towards maintaining an aquatic plant management plan. The aquatic plant management plan's (APM)  goals include:

  • Maintains and promotes the clear water state
  • Protect and promote the existing native aquatic plant community, fish, and wildlife
  • Receive public input and opinions for acceptable plant management options
  • Facilitate access to deep water areas and recreational uses

Members of the advisory committee:

Cheryl Witkowski-FLILPARD commissioner

Mike Cypert-FLILPARD Manager/Coordinator

Lake Residents: Dennis Buren (Howard), Bob Cernigilia (Wedges Bay), Chuck Orsay (Blackhawk), Dale Winkelman (Shorecrest), Ann Tepp (Blackhawk), Wendy Crary (Blackhawk), Kathy Rydquist (Jug), Tim Meekma (Kuno),  Bob Salzman (Elmwood Island)

Fish Stocking: Dennis Pufahl

Susan Graham-Regional Lake Coordinator, WI DNR

Laura Stremick Thompson-Area Fishery Manager, WI DNR

The Committee was formed purposefully to include residents who represent ALL areas of the lake that will be subjected to weed harvesting, so that nobody’s voice goes unheard. Committee members were aked to observe their area of responsibility and note its weed abundance. Committee members met June 6 and recommendations were shared. Harvesting is scheduled for June 20. The harvesting decision balances the needs of the lake, its residents, and the logistical practicality of subsequent weed harvesting sessions.

If you have concerns regarding weeds in your area, please contact your area's representative or Mike Cypert, FLILPARD Manager/Coordinator.