Aquatic Plant Herbicide Treatment

73 Fox Lake properties applied for the herbicide treatment. 15 properties were approved. This is a DNR decision, not an FLILPARD decision. There is specific criteria that the DNR seeks when approving a property for herbicide treatment. The DNR performs a weed 'pull' test at spots in front of the property requesting treatment. The DNR then measures the percentage of Eurasian watermilfoil in the pull test. If Eurasian watermilfoil is seen, the requested herbicide treatment is approved. If there's not Eurasian watermilfoil present, the property is denied. The herbicide treatment is only for invasive species....not for native aquatic weeds. Again, the approval of the herbicide treatment for each property is done through the DNR, not FLILPARD. FLILPARD's role is to coordinate requests and accept payments. 



The Fox Lake Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District has contracted with Marine Biochemists of Wisconsin, Mequon, Wisconsin to apply the herbicides to treat Eurasian Water milfoil on behalf of, and at the expense of, those riparian owners who have registered and remitted payment to the District This company has met all of the qualifications set forth by the District Board of Commissioners as being certified and licensed by the State of Wisconsin, insured, and experienced. The purpose of the treatment is lake access. The treatment is expected to take place June 18, 2018The actual day of treatment will be determined by the water temperature, weather conditions, scheduling of the contractor, and availability of DNR supervisor.

DNR will supervise the treatment and instruct the applicator as to which properties are to receive treatment. If the DNR supervisor surveys your area and does not think you have a problem with Eurasian water milfoil or invasive native plants, treatment will be denied. If you are denied, you will receive a refund from the District for the amount charged for the treatment. You will forfeit the administrative costs (DNR permit, map prep, required notice in newspaper, postage, and supplies) not charged - time spent by Lake Coordinator to administer the program including after hours and weekends