Aquatic Plant Herbicide Treatment

For those who signed up for the Herbicide Treatment

Signs and flags will be available for pick up at the District office Monday-Thursday between 8am and 3:00pm. Once you receive your sign and flag, please place them on the end of your pier where you would like the center of the 30-ft wide path out to the lake to be. Please note, the DNR MUST observe a pier in the water if you wish to receive treatment. If you are not at the lake on the weekdays and cannot ask a neighbor to pick up your sign and flag, contact the District office and make an appointment for pickup. Please pick up your flag and sign by June 5.

The Fox Lake Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District is continuing its residential herbicide application program to treat Eurasian Watermilfoil. Additionally, the District will also use an herbicide to treat the communal navigation lane in the area of the Jug where mechanical harvesting is not feasible. The purpose of the treatments is lake access.

The actual days of treatment will be determined by the water temperature, weather conditions, scheduling of the contractor, and availability of DNR supervisor. If your property does not exhibit an abundance of Eurasian Water Milfoil, your property will not receive a chemical herbicide treatment. Last year over 60 property owners applied for an herbicide treatment, and approximately 75% of applicants were denied and refunded the cost of treatment for this reason. Please keep in mind, an abundance of filamentous algae cannot effectively be treated by an herbicide.

DNR will supervise the treatment and instruct the applicator as to which properties are to receive treatment. If the DNR supervisor surveys your area and does not observe an abundance of Eurasian water milfoil or invasive native plants, treatment will be denied. If you are denied, you will receive a refund from the District for the amount charged for the treatment. You will forfeit the administrative costs (DNR permit, map prep, required notice in newspaper, postage, and supplies) not charged - time spent by Lake Coordinator to administer the program including after hours and weekends

If you have any questions, please call the District office at 920-928-2772 M-Th between 8am - 3pm.