User Responsibilities

In order to keep the sewer system operating efficiently, please note the following:

  1. Do contact the Lake District before any digging deeper than 2½ feet.

  2. Do insulate with bags of leaves, straw, etc. any sewer piping that is at ground level or shallow, before winter each year. This will help protect the area around the plumbing from possible heaving of the ground causing breakage of the sewer piping. If any questions, contact the District Operator.

  3. Do supply waste baskets in restrooms.

  4. Do make sure your p-traps and floor drains (especially those not often used) are kept filled with water, to prevent sewer gas from entering your residence.

  5. Purchase ‘On Demand’ water softeners.

Please DON’T:

  1. Don’t flush disposable diapers, rags, wash cloths, tampons, tampon applicators, sanitary napkins, etc. down the toilet. These items could clog a pump, check valve or line and ruin a pump. Also remind any guests or tenants of the above, and supply waste baskets in rest rooms.

  2. Don’t dispose of grease by dumping it down your drain. Wipe pots and pans with paper toweling to remove grease before washing.

  3. Don’t put kitchen refuse (i.e. orange peels, etc.) down drains or in the toilet. The system can accept only such refuse when put through a garbage disposal.

  4. Don’t dispose of paint thinners, petroleum products and all other toxic materials down the drains or toilet.

  5. Don’t plant bushes, trees, shrubs, etc. within 15 feet of any lift station, grinder pump, manhole or any district equipment, without permission from the District Board.

  6. Don’t build over a district sewer line without Board approval. There is a 15 foot permanent easement. For location of lines contact the District Operator.

  7. Don’t break any PVC piping while digging or mowing around a sewer lateral and/or clean-outs. If a break occurs, have it repaired by a qualified person. If debris drops into the piping, contact the District Operator.

  8. Don’t connect a sump pump to the sewer line. Ground water is to be pumped outside of your home where it can run off naturally.

  9. Don't mow over grinder pump covers. Some have had the bolts holding the covers down sheared off due to this practice.

  10. Don’t bury or conceal manhole covers.