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APM Management Plan – Long Term

Goal Statement

The purpose of the Fox Lake Long-Range (2007-2010/12) Aquatic Plant Management Plan focuses on balancing the ecological needs of the lake and the recreational uses of the district residents. This requires careful maintenance of existing aquatic plants and carefully planned selective aquatic plant management.

The goals of the long range plant management plan are:

  • Maintain and promote the clear water state
  • Protect and promote the existing native aquatic plant community, fish, and wildlife
  • Educate district residents about the importance of aquatic plants
  • Receive public input and opinions for acceptable plant management options
  • Facilitate access to deep water areas and recreational uses.


Herbicide Treatment

DISTRICT SPONSORED TREATMENT SUMMARY FOR 2007- The Phase I (2 4D) Herbicide Treatment took place on June 8, 2007. Eighty three properties received the herbicide application for Eurasian Water-milfoil. DNR supervisor Carl Molter inspected all the properties requesting a treatment and stated that there was not enough Eurasian Water-milfoil present to warrant treatment at twenty locations. Molter also stated that the untreated areas did not have an over-abundance of native plants either. All un-treated properties received refunds.
Since this was the first time the District sponsored a herbicide program, your input would be helpful as we move forward with future treatments. One suggestion is that your address be permanently affixed to the end of your pier or other location that is easily visible from the lake. This step is required so that the DNR and the treatment applicator can identify all the scheduled properties. This 2007 exercise was completed by your lake neighbors and APM Committee members who had to posted address and yellow treatment signs at each home. This exercise will be required by the property owners for all future treatments.

Mail or email us with your suggestions regarding:

  • The treatment
  • Any criticism or kudos
  • Suggestions for next year

Our address is:
City F. Fox Lake, WI 53933

email: [email protected]

Future treatments can be scheduled if there are enough people needing it. Call to be put on a list (920-928-2772).

Weed Harvesting - 2007

DISTRICT MECHANICAL HARVESTING SUMMARY FOR 2007 - Midwest Aquatics arrived at the Fox Lake City Park (Clausen) on June 16, 2007 and began harvesting in the Indian Point, Elmwood Island, and Jug areas. Upon completion of harvesting in those areas, they moved their equipment to the Town Park and harvested Maple Point to the Town Park, Howard Drive to Rainbow Terrace, and the north side of Cambra Creek back to the Town Park. The Contractor reported that between June 16th and June 19th a total of 17 dump loads of harvested vegetation was removed from the lake – 90% Eurasian Water-Milfoil, 4% Elodea, 3% Muskgrass, and 3% Coontail.

We would like to thank the City of Fox Lake and Mark and Marlene Grahn for accepting the harvested vegetation at the pre-arranged dump sites.


Watershed Management

The Lake District was at part of the Beaver Dam River Priority Watershed Project for twelve years. During that time the District and its residents accomplished the following:

  • Shoreline stabilization for 72 landowners
  • Construction of two key-hole dams on Alto Creek
  • Construction of a weir on Alto Creek on CTY F near CTY FF
  • Stream crossing on Cambra Creek tributary

Watershed management activities in partnership with DNR, NRCS, USF & W, DCLCD, and landowners:

  • Installation of barnyard runoff management practices
  • Implementation of conservation tillage practices
  • Installation of sedimentation basins
  • Installation of wildlife habitat restoration projects.


Fox Lake Facts

History – Fox Lake is a 2,525 acre lake in northwest Dodge County, Wisconsin. The lake is located within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Fox Lake and the City of Fox Lake. While a natural glacial lake, Fox Lake was enlarged in 1845 by the construction of a dam and saw mill on the lake outlet, known as Mill Creek. The construction of the dam artificially raised the lake elevation approximately 11 feet and created several thousand acres of new lake and shallow literal zone. The first recorded settlement in Dodge County was established by Jacob Brower on the north side of Fox Lake in 1838.

Lake Characteristics
Surface Area (open water) - 2,525 acres
Surface Area (with fringe wetlands) - 4,690 acres
Maximum Depth - 19 feet
Mean Depth - 5 feet
Volume - 19,307 acre feet
Shoreline length - 17.9 miles
Source: WDNR